Do You Need An SSL Certificate For Your WordPress Website?

It cannot be overstated that WordPress is one of the most trusted and preferred tools for many website owners.  The WordPress themes for Website own almost 28% of the market share which means that  WordPress website is always a target for many hackers and malicious attacks. This can have a negative impact on the traffic to the website. The business owners would not know much what to do in such cases.
Security should not be comprised of WordPress themes for Website at any cost. Any website big or small should be protected from these threats at all levels. When the website owners talk about security, they talk about SSL certificate. The certification and security may be two different things, and the question arises does the website need this certification. Let us explore what these SSL Certifications is and if there is a need of the same for your website?

What is SSL certification?
SSL Certification is a public digital document which allows the visitors to see that the website is owned by a legitimate organization. It means that the visitors can rest assured that the web page that they are visiting is the one that they intend to visit.

The hackers can easily steal the URL of your company and involved in malicious activities. The visitors will feel that they are visiting an authentic website and get deceived. The WordPress themes for Website look the same. This creates a misconception for the visitors, and they feel that they are at an authentic site. 

Using SSL certificate, the visitors are assured that they have visited a safe site and their information and the whole transaction is safe.  The chances of theft of information are minimized.

How does SSL certificate enhance the security of the website?
The WordPress themes for Website are open source and available to everyone they must be protected against the threat. The SSL Certificate secures the visitors in two ways. They first provide a security net which protects the website to make any connection with the malicious website. The visitors are also prompted that they are visiting a secure webpage. On the other hand, they protect the data being transferred via the website by using encryption. This is done by using the data in a way that is comprehensible only to the two parties in question, the website owner, and the visitor’s browser. 

The Certificate secures the data in simple steps
1)The visitors click on the URL or type in the URL in the web browser. The browser then asks the server to show its identity before any connection is established.
2)At this step, the requested server send the SSL Certificate to the browser to identify itself as an authentic website.
3)The browser at this stage verifies the SSL Certificate sent. Once is it established that the certificate is authentic then the connection is made.

Do you need an SSL Certificate?
Many WordPress themes for Website are developed without the SSL certificate. The owners or developers now think about getting a certificate which is because of the many benefits it provides to them.
It is a simple way to keep the customer protected.

There is a large role that SSL Certificate play in Google SEO ranking.
It provides a lot of contentment to the users as they can trust that the website they are using is safe which is great for the business. 
The WordPress themes for Website should use SSL Certificate as it increases the trust of the visitors. This is a great strategy to enhance the image of the website. Since the traffic website is not diverted the website enjoys real visitors